Sunday, September 27, 2015

Food - Restaurant. South Queensferry - Forth bridges. Hawes Inn

historic pub serves food and real ale.

4 miles from the holiday cottage

Historic Forth Rail bridge
You can see this from the holiday cottage front windows.

2 companies operate boat trips on the Forth.
This one is Maid of the Forth, you can get off at Inchcolm Island,
 have a picnic and catch one of the sailings back when you are ready.
maid of the forth boat tour
An informative commentary about the sea life.

Forth boat tours

                                                              Hawes Inn garden

                                                                     Lifeboat station

Edinburgh bus tour Walk tour. Tram

From airport (or Ingleston)  to city centre 

                                                           Edinburgh open top bus tours
                                             A great way to acclimatise and learn about a city