Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Castles - Tantallon North Berwick

30 miles from holiday cottage

Try the mocha  (chocolate on a stick melted in the coffee)

coffee desk

Castles - Huntingtower Perth

East and west tower, 
later addition connecting the 2 buildings

30 miles north of holiday cottage

Castles - Blackness castle

 15th century castle on the Firth of Forth.
15 miles from the holiday cottage.

Membership is worth it if you intend to visit 3 castles or more

Castles - Craigmillar Castle Edinburgh

near Dalkeith

15 miles from holiday cottage

 window seats

 View of Edinburgh castle and Salisbury Crags

Look into the different membership passes 
if you wish to visit 3 or more castles

Castles - Direlton castle - Berwick

Gatehouse entrance

Built on a rocky outcrop 

Castles - Doune castle


Serving hatches

worth checking the various day passes

Castles - Elcho Castle Perthshire

30 miles from holiday cottage

Castles - Castle Campbell

Castles and Palaces - Linlithgow Palace

                                                                   Linlithgow Palace

                                                          Birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots

                                                          10 miles from holiday cottage

                                                                  Oven inset into fireplace

3 fireplaces in one

                                                                      Ladder window

Good lunches