Friday, December 7, 2018

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh - Garden - the "Fire Place"

"Swedish Torch " in the back garden Fire pit
The beauty of the Swedish torch is that once you light it,
 you can basically forget it. 
The log will slowly burn from the inside out. 
The cuts through the log provide natural air flow that will keep your fire ventilated.

This conservatory leads to:-

The covered "Fire Place" in the garden

 reclaimed pitch pine columns and

 old Douglas Fir posts 
(x Rosyth Dockyard, with beautiful patina)

outdoor lights

2 rattan chairs and

bistro table and 4  chairs and

 small fire pit 
(small swedish fire log and some wood provided)

kettle BBQ

  view of back lawn and conservatory

                              All wood preserved with a mix of linseed oil and turpentine stockholm tar,

                                                                      (smells amazing)

 Pitch pine is now used for pulpwood, crating, and fuel,
 but it played a big role during the days of wooden ships and railroads. 
Its wood is rough grained and not very strong, but it contains a lot of resin. 
This makes the wood resistant to decay. 
The wood was often used for ship building, fences, and railroad ties.

 path leading to woodland

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