Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Edinburgh - Food. Leith and Valvona and Crolla. Cafes.

This Edinburgh shop has offered good food and service for decades.
There is also a cafe at the back and a venue for the Edinburgh fringe festival.

!0 miles from the holiday cottage.

We keep returning for this Gorgonzola dolcelate 

(they do a picante version also)

                                                                   Great variety of pasta

Good quality vegetables

Large garlic

Amaretti biscuits

Cafe 10.2.2014. Clean, traditional. Good hot chocolate.


Stills video
11 miles from holiday cottage


Film locations

Biscuit cafe
01303 882050


It has been featured on the T.V. programme "Coast"
and is packed with character such as the roof pan tiles,
heritage colours, crow steps, quaint narrow roads between distinctive buildings.

It's wealth came from exporting salt and coal to the Low Countries,
returning with ballast of terracotta pan tiles.

Outlander film location

Soap - Local producers Crossgates and Cluny

These 2 are  Eucalyptus and Charcoal  by Hajnalka

A brilliant endeavour

phone 07772 825048

Lavender from Star Fife

wrapping guest size bars (or wedding favours)

The green and white bar is part aloe vera
(apparently men like it for shaving as there is it has moisturising qualities)

Nettle soap

Re-stocking the shelves after a sell out

some essential oils

Good for vegans

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh video No. 1 cottage. Welcome basket

Welcome basket has  these typical items
 including local  bread and eggs when available,
 unpackaged fruit from Woodlea stables.

Bathroom:-Handmade natural soap

video 8.1.2016

animoto video.

From £350 low season to £525 high season ( Edinburgh festivals.)

visitscotland guide

Holiday Cottage near Edinburgh (No.2.cottage ) video

Next door to No. 1 cottage (same facilities)
Available April to October.
This is a brief walk through video at No.2 holiday cottage.
24th February 2012



Living room

Exposed sandstone walls and old pine bookshelves

  Oak board wood panels in hallway


 main bedroom with double bed

small bedroom has 2 single beds

Bathroom with shower over bath

Kitchen with double oven, microwave, etc.

View from living room window 
(sunny and ground mist.)

November Beech leaves in the drive

Sunset on sandstone walls

Back garden


Access to woodland

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh - Woodland and meadow Wild flowers. Bluebell wood. Snowdrops

Native bluebells

Lesser celandine 

Snowdrops February

 in holiday cottage woodland lane 

Guardian 12.5.12 " whatever our age. Socio-biologists have revealed that there are powerful psychological benefits to spending time in natural environments and that the people in their tests underestimated just how invigorated, peaceful and good they would feel after something as simple as a walk in a woodland…"

Sarah Raven BBC2 8.2.2012 "

Some of our meadow flowers:-
  • yellow vetch
  • self heal
  • 3 types orchid
  • orange hawkbit
  • clover
  • scarlet pimpernell

Some of ourWoodland plants:-
  • lesser celandine
  • bluebell
  • snowdrop
  • ferns
  • dog's mercury
  • lesser stitchwort
  • meadowsweet
Mushrooms:- Puffball, shaggy ink cap, dryad's saddle
Don't be tempted to eat plants and mushrooms you don't know.


Many grasses, rushes.
Wild Fruits:-
raspberries,  strawberries, brambles, elderberries, gooseberries, white currant.
Wild rose, honeysuckle.
These rocks at the base of the silver birch trees were from
the old Donibristle aerodrome runway near Hillend, Fife.
The moss and trees have grown over them in the last few decades
and they form the link from the back Orchid meadow to the upper campers' meadow pitches.

The deer regularly use this route.