Monday, May 5, 2014

Garden and maintenance at holiday cottage near Edinburgh

wild geranium

Another seating area in the back garden, overlooking a tree peony

Solomans seal and tulip

Front garden 5.5.2014
Soloman's seal

Tree peony buds

Back garden seating

Wild Greengage espalier

Grass cutting in the sun


 Back lawn 10.3.2014

Enclosed Back garden

                                                             Leading to 15 acre woodland, 
Lots of nesting birds, butterflies, etc.
Great for relaxing after a day in Edinburgh.

Cooking apple tree in blossom
May 2013

2 steamer chairs, croquet, B.B.Q.
Also area with Harvesters table and benches
Table, chairs, parasol (ashtray - smoking outdoors only).


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