Saturday, April 9, 2016

Balgove Larder and steak barn

40 miles from holiday cottage

Steak barn -
Open Friday to Sunday from midday

Rustic, open fire cooking  of
Balgoves own steaks, sausages and burgers.


Some real cheeses


Speciality chocolate bars

Coffee and vegetables


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Food - Cowdenbeath. Butchers

Hugh Black (formerly Tom Courts) quality local butcher

Good quality  pakora.
Shop cooked and Hand sliced pork and lamb
Lamb chops

 traditional butchers
(next to Morrisons supermarket)
Famous "Scotch pies" (lamb mince in a hot watercrust pastry)

Good meat and ready prepared meal suggestions.
Cooked meats, chicken or portions
Pies and pastries

Their own ready cooked meals.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh - Concierge service

 We provide a concierge type service:-
On line or in person
to fix or replace items, give further local information, etc.

 There are maps, books, leaflets, menus in the cottage and we
 will happily provide any further specific local information that you request.

Local suppliers 
these are the ones we use...
  • Real bread, cake, free range eggs, etc.Woodlea stables, 2 miles north.
  • Butcher Hugh Black at Cowdenbeath  also does excellent home made meals.
  • Puddledub pork outlet at Dobbies, Duloch Park,Dunfermline

Phone numbers for  deliveries:-
  • Fish at Fyfe smokery 01383 620263
  • Tesco deliveries 0345 677 9211
  • 3 really excellent takeaways:-
  • Dalgety Fish Bar 01383821599
  • Indian 01383 821313
  • Chinese 01383 823 143 
Hair and nails 01383 824586
Handmade soap  07772 825948
Taxis 07952 5156080

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Soap - Local producer Cluny

A brilliant endeavour

phone 07772 825048

Lavender from Star Fife

wrapping guest size bars (or wedding favours)

The green and white bar is part aloe vera
(apparently men like it for shaving as there is it has moisturising qualities)

Nettle soap

Re-stocking the shelves after a sell out

some essential oils

Good for vegans

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Stills video
11 miles from holiday cottage


Film locations

Biscuit cafe
01303 882050

It has been featured on the T.V. programme "Coast" and is packed with character such as the roof pan tiles, heritage colours, crow steps, quaint narrow roads between distinctive buildings.

It's wealth came from exporting salt and coal to the Low Countries,
returning with ballast of terracotta pan tiles.

Outlander film location

Rating - Alastair Sawday

Inspected and Selected by Sawday's - a Special Place

Our holiday cottage has now been inspected and accredited by Alastair Sawday.
Their criteria is not "posh" properties but somewhere 
that will fit in with the Sawday's ethos of good unusual places to stay.
Click on their link and browse the type of properties and areas they recommend.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


40 miles from holiday cottage


City of Jute mills, jam and journalism

Home made sweet and savoury pastries


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Food - Local - Bread and Free range eggs

Taste the huge variety of cake or bread

2 miles north of the holiday cottage on the B981
 John and Fiona "Woodlea stables" Crossgates KY11 7ER 
Friday to Sunday
07970908882 or 07803053005
Cakes - Almond, fruit, ginger,citrus, etc.

Bread rolls, french stick, etc.

Free range hens 11.4.2015

Fruit scones (also plain, cherry and wholewheat)

4 kinds of cake this week

Light and delicious scones

Rolls 29.11.2014




Chocolate and almond cake,
Rye and caraway bread, etc..


Pumpkin bread

 10.10.2014 Bread, cake, eggs ,  locally produced potatoes

Fiona's lemon cake mmm
John's ciabatta mmm

slow dough

Bread and the best fruit loaf ever

woodlea stables facebook
 Panini roll

 Malted wheat, Italian white, Ciabatta, etc

Walnut, Brown, rye, white stick

Local  bread (toasted) and woodland brambles jam

Also tomato bread



Farmhouse white, Ciabatta, French stick, rye, etc.

Rye, regular white tin, rolls a deux

Speciality tomato bread and a rye

Staple Farmhouse

Parmesan and thyme
Even better after John's 2nd bread course

Bread "Peel"

" Sun dried tomato"
 white farmhouse
and wholemeal

This weekend, Sourdough bread, wholewheat rolls

New batch lovingly watched over

White farmhouse, parmesan farmhouse

and of course the eggs.

Rosemary and parmesan baton and farm wholewheat

 3 types of  bread- slow ferment. (18.1.2014)

Stone bake oven

Farmhouse round - stone baked