Friday, December 7, 2018

Garden - the "Fire Place"

Swedish log in the back garden Fire pit

This conservatory leads to:-

The covered "Fire Place" in the garden

 reclaimed pitch pine columns and

 old Douglas Fir posts 
(x Rosyth Dockyard, with beautiful patina)

outdoor lights

2 rattan chairs and

bistro table and 4  chairs and

 small fire pit 
(small swedish fire log and some wood provided)

kettle BBQ

  view of back lawn and conservatory

                              All wood preserved with a mix of linseed oil and turpentine stockholm tar,

                                                                      (smells amazing)

 The pitch pine is now used for pulpwood, crating, and fuel,
 but it played a big role during the days of wooden ships and railroads. 
Its wood is rough grained and not very strong, but it contains a lot of resin. 
This makes the wood resistant to decay. 
The wood was often used for ship building, fences, and railroad ties.

 path leading to woodland

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


 Cosy... Finally. 

The new central heating in the cottage is based on 
Calthermic Montblanc Plus high efficiency electric heaters 
which are controlled by an app.
 We can now control the temperature of each room individually hour by hour. 
It's taken a while but now it can definitely be said that the cottage is old, characterful and cosy. 

                                                         Average comfort setting at 21.5
                                       Please advise if you need any particular timings or boosts
(the average setting is for extra comfort  breakfast, lunch and all evening.)
The log stoves are still in use for extra ambience!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Edinburgh - Architecture Morningside. Wild West.

Near Cuddy Lane, Morningside.
Just down from the Gurkha restaurant
Down from and opposite Waitrose.
Up and across from the Canny Mans pub

Edinburgh galleries ( Queens and National)

this one in the Scottish National Gallery, Princes street

e.g. Leonardo da Vinci exhibition 
"The mechanics of man"


Towards "Modern two" gallery

E. G. Exhibition of Scottish colourists jan.2013

2.1.2012 includes S.J. Peploe travelling exhibition

The  facilities

Pink roses Chinese vase


Pitlochry - Moulin Arms and Fish Ladder. House of Bruar

60 miles from the holiday cottage

 Fish ladder and dam


Food - Takeaway and shop at Dalgety Bay. Pub

Newly refurbished 8.1.16
Well stocked. Pleasant staff.

2 miles from holiday cottage

standard fish and chips

Interesting decor, see details on our blogpost

 Spice of India, 2 miles away. £18, enough for 4. 
Lamb methi and roghan josh, breads, great as always.

(award winning.)

Work behind the scenes. Meet the owners

 Building a conservatory
Polishing the silver and brasses for guests
Polishing 3 silver plated food domes for the cottage kitchens

Preserving the brush after painting!

22.1.2014 Yvonne "Market research!"
9a Holyrood place

Collecting wood for the stoves

The workshop
Making the secondary double glazing for the cottages

Machines for woodland driveway maintenance





Changeover day laundry

From that to this.

Chris the handyman