Monday, December 1, 2014

Angus. Glamis Castle

Includes Forfar
famous for Forfar Bridies , a Scottish meat pasty 

Glamis estate workers cottages, now a museum

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Food - local pork

Puddledub pork
Deliveries available.
Ham, pork pie, scotch eggs.
Bacon, sausages.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Woodland and garden at holiday cottage in Fife near Edinburgh

When you book our cottage, these are among the wild fruits you can pick f.o.c.:-
 raspberries, gooseberries, white currants and strawberries, all ripe in July or earlier.
Brambles, elderberries, etc. follow in August, September, October.
Wild red and yellow raspberries
4.10. 2013
Shaggy ink cap mushrooms on one of our campsite pitches.
 Okay to eat when young and tender

A stone of plums

More brambles (6 and a half pounds) when no collecting vessels available

Brambles from the woodland.
Cooking apples from the holiday cottage garden.

Found in the woodland 5.5.2010,
the 2nd deer antler of the year only weigh 6oz.
Someone said the Roe deer was 3 years of age because of the 3 slight horns.


Wild cherry blossom in the woods is out. (Estimate 50 wild cherry trees).
2 buzzards.
3 peacock butterflies.
Wild white currants
Wild red currants

Friday, June 13, 2014

Forth estuary traffic Dalgety Bay

Ruby Princess returns


2.6.2013 Carribean Princess back

15.5.2013 Liner ...Princess back again (Last in July and August 2012.)

6.4.13 - Dingies launching from Dalgety Bay sailing club

7.11.10 - M111 minesweeper heading into Rosyth Dockyard.

W.c 20.9.10- Frigate 231 out of Rosyth,
Destroyer in, Promitheus oil tanker. Yachtsmen.
These are the last months of the Ferry to Zeebrugge,
W.c 13.9.10-Hamilton Spirit oil tanker at terminal,
a barge/floating platform, Yachtsmen,
Forth Tours and maid of the Forth tours.
Dredger in, Frigate F231 in and out all week doing sea trials.
Mare Oreaus oil tanker, Helga Spirit and Hildgaarde.
Oil tankers British Eagle (flying red ensign), Chincha and Eagle Torrance.
24.6.2010 - Oil tankers Searanger and Helgar spirit left port today.
20.6.2010 - The 3 tugs are having spray practice today for oil tankers.
2.6.2010 - Oil tanker Bunga Kasturi Empat moored.
1.6.2010 - Minesweeper leaving Rosyth
27.5.2010 - Oil tanker Livia in. New to this area.
26.5.2010 The Vista of the seas in. Tanker "Carolos" arrived. Eider ducks.

Terminal information:-
Country ship codes:-
For bird activity, see blogpost "Birds" at Dalgety Bay.
22.5.2010 Green coloured tanker BW Lake in yesterday again & left today.
British Cygnet moored. Blue canoe launched off the Moorings.

17.5.2010 Oil tanker Mare Salernum .
"Blue Bay" scrap metal ship into Inverkeithing.

15.5.2010 Liberian registered Oil tanker "Ligovsky Prospect" in today.
14.5.2010 - Delta sailor half full of oil this morning.
The regular "Sarpen" built 2002:-
13.5.2010 - Delta sailor oil tanker.
12.5.2010. Danish cruise ship in at 8.30a.m. White.
Much smaller, only 2 decks. "Vision of the seas".
Maid of the Forth arrived to transport passengers. Back out at 7p.m.
11.5.2010 German cruise liner Mein Schiff. Grey and white.
 Unusual amount of writing on the side, including
and Meeresrayschen. Ruhe Delphine.

There are approximately 200 oil tankers a year
 mooring at the jetty at Hound's point, to take in oil .
Mostly different names and countries.
Some regular like Hildegard and Thornbury.
Also many ships all named after birds, Falcon, Eagle, Robin, etc.

9.5.2010 - 1. First passenger liner of the season M.S.C Orchestra, 5 passenger decks.
Several boats lowered into water to take people to Queensferry.
A tug is keeping it level so it doesn't swing into the shipping channel.

2. Maid of the Forth helping to unload about 2000 passengers.

8.5.2010 -1. BW Lake left with 2 tugs, one of which returned quickly.

2. Ferry tfrom Zeebrugge in at 12 noon and out at 6p.m.

3. SS Harmony, a large container ship left Rosyth.

7.5.2010 - Oil tanker BW Lake in. New to this area.

Light green - not usual colour for a ship.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Holiday cottage Garden (Upgrade cottage) near Edinburgh - Plants, herbs, Wild garlic, Tree Peony

This cottage is next door to the advertised one and is usually £50 a week more

5.5.2014 Front garden Tree peony

Back garden entrance area

Variegated grass and "honesty"

Loosestrife at No.2 cottage 2013

Ransoms - wild garlic
Abundant in April.
Chop and use in omlettes, mashed potato, soups, casseroles ......

Also in the holiday cottage garden is
 mint, lovage, wild raspberries, plums, greengages, etc.

The little black shiny pearls (seeds)

They're extremely hard to germinate, involving storage in freezer
and exposure to heat at the right time.

Then only a few, every few years germinate.

Apparently at one time, only the Emperor of China could grow them.

After 2 or 3 years of these perennial plants, dying back, (so put a marker in the soil)
they start to have a permanent woody stem, growing to about 4'.
Then each year the spectacular leaves bud and unfold.
Around May the single petal yellow leaves give a quick display.
The leaves linger, then die back to the woody stem.
It all happens again each year.
A 4/5 year old plant starts to produce those shiny black seeds
and they increase in number each year.

Solomon's seal - like the shade.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Garden and maintenance at holiday cottage near Edinburgh

wild geranium

6.5.2014 Cooking apple tree
Take a few for an apple pie.

Another seating area in the back garden, overlooking a tree peony

Solomans seal and tulip

Front garden 5.5.2014
Soloman's seal

Tree peony buds

Back garden seating

Wild Greengage espalier

Grass cutting in the sun


 Back lawn 10.3.2014

Enclosed Back garden

                                                             Leading to 15 acre woodland, 
Lots of nesting birds, butterflies, etc.
Great for relaxing after a day in Edinburgh.

Cooking apple tree in blossom
May 2013

2 steamer chairs, croquet, B.B.Q.
Also area with Harvesters table and benches
Table, chairs, parasol (ashtray - smoking outdoors only).