Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh - Concierge service

We provide a concierge type service:-
On line or in person
to fix or replace items, give further local information, etc.

 There are lots of maps, books, leaflets, menus in the cottage
and we will happily give any further specific local information that you request.

Local suppliers 
some of  the ones we use...
  • Real bread, cake, free range eggs, fruit and vegetables,
  • cheese, butter,
  • olive oil, jam, etc.Woodlea stables, 2 miles north.

  • Butcher Hugh Black at Cowdenbeath 
  • speciality jumbo cumberland sausage,
  •  also does excellent home made meals.

  • Puddledub pork 
  • outlet at Dobbies, Duloch Park, Dunfermline
Hair and nails 01383 824586
Handmade soap  07772 825948 and woodlea stables
Taxis 07952 5156080
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