Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh. Environmental friendly methods

How to convert, this holiday cottage pile of
linen and towels on change over day
from this

To this

We try and use the  power of the wind,
by drying the holiday cottage linens outside
(under a canopy in case it rains).
So even in winter it all dries naturally.

Other env. friendly considerations:-
roof insulation, secondary double glazing.

Dead/coppiced wood from our woodland for the logburners.

The usual cleaning products,  some environmentally friendly materials,
Recycling bins, (paper, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc.)
Re-using tins/containers for paint and pigments for all the essential cottage maintenance.
 Replacement energy saving bulbs, 
compost heap  (raw vegetable waste for garden soil)

locally sourced products for welcome basket
                                                              Harvesting wild fruit and herbs.

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