Monday, April 30, 2012

D.V.D. & C.D library for holiday cottages near Edinburgh

A selection of films and C.D's  are in the cottage
but if there are any specifics, particularly off the following list, just ask.

Loads of old classic foreign language films, mostly with subtitles.

Also kid’s, modern classics, current films and so on.

Pickpocket… (PG) Robert Bresson France 1959
Miracle in Milan… (U) Vittorio de Sica Italian
La Terra Trema… (U) Luchino Visconti Italy 1948
L'Aventura... (PG) Antonioni 1960
Le plaisir... (PG) Max Ophuls
La Grande Illusion (U) Jean Renoir 1937
Last Year in Marieenbad (U) Alain Resnais 1956
I Vitelloni (The young Calves) (PG) Federico Fellini 1953
Au Revoir Les Enfants (12) Louis Malle
Le Quai Des Brumes (PG) Marcel Carne 1938
L'Eclisse (PG) Michelangelo Antonioni 1962
Casque D'Or (PG) Jaques Becker 1952
Jules and Jim (PG) Francois Truffaut 1966

Touch of Evil (12) Orson Welles 1958
The Outlaw (U) Howard Hughes
Masked and Anonymous (12) Larry Charles (with Bob Dylan, Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz)
Australia (12) Baz Luhrmann (Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman0
Priceless (12) Pierre Salvadori (Audrey Tautou)
Vicky Christina Barcelona (12) Woody Allen (Javier Barden, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson)

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