Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wood burning stove.

Logs for the woodburning stoves

Cutting up dead trees for the fires at the cottages and camp.
We've been coppicing and taking firewood out of the various parts of the woods since 1971.

A lot of it is elm, hanging around dead for maybe thirty years.
There's a little oak, plenty of sycamore and ash.

What I really like is that we're cleaning up the land and getting free heat at the same time.

Seasoned wood :-
 We have store places under cover, so it's worth cutting up green wood like elder and cherry, expecting to not to use it until  the next year.

First 2 tubs of wood are free (also firelighters and starter sticks for each day.)
More logs and coal  in your fuel bunker or tub-trugs at reception
Or phone / leave a note on your 'flag' gate and we'll deliver.

Your log burning stove will either
1) give you localised heat with doors open (take care with sparks/logs rolling out) or
2) Heat radiators after you put enough fuel on to make a raging fire and keep doors closed.

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