Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh - Concierge service

We provide a concierge type service:-
On line or in person
to fix or replace items, give further local information, etc.

 There are maps, books, leaflets, menus in the cottage and we
 will happily provide any further specific local information that you request.

Local suppliers 
these are the ones we use...
  • Real bread, cake, free range eggs, etc.Woodlea stables, 2 miles north.
  • Butcher Hugh Black at Cowdenbeath  also does excellent home made meals.
  • Puddledub pork outlet at Dobbies, Duloch Park,Dunfermline

Phone numbers for  deliveries:-
Hair and nails 01383 824586
Handmade soap  07772 825948
Taxis 07952 5156080

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Soap - Local producer Cluny

A brilliant endeavour

phone 07772 825048

Lavender from Star Fife

wrapping guest size bars (or wedding favours)

The green and white bar is part aloe vera
(apparently men like it for shaving as there is it has moisturising qualities)

Nettle soap

Re-stocking the shelves after a sell out

some essential oils

Good for vegans

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Stills video
11 miles from holiday cottage


Film locations

Biscuit cafe
01303 882050

It has been featured on the T.V. programme "Coast" and is packed with character such as the roof pan tiles, heritage colours, crow steps, quaint narrow roads between distinctive buildings.

It's wealth came from exporting salt and coal to the Low Countries,
returning with ballast of terracotta pan tiles.

Outlander film location

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Opening 15th September 2018
1st design museum in Scotland at the harbour

40 miles from holiday cottage


City of Jute mills, jam and journalism

Home made sweet and savoury pastries


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Forth Estuary - 3 Bridges - Queensferry Crossing. History of tunnels and bridges


History of crossing the Forth
View from holiday cottage:-
 3rd bridge now higher than Inverkeithing spire

Progress north and south of  the new bridge


October 2014

September 2014

Look what's appearing over the road in South Queensferry

3rd bridge over the Forth Estuary
3 miles from holiday cottage.
Queensferry crossing


Crane from barge - early January 2013

 View under Forth  road bridge

You need to look twice at this one:-
Side of block of container type offices with
 proposed sketch of 3rd bridge at base of photo.

Internet Images of F.R.C.

F.R.C. information from Transport Scotland