Friday, January 16, 2015

Edinburgh and Fife - Autumn and Winter events

winter in the holiday cottage garden

summer in the Forth estuary

Charles Rennie Mackintosh House for an art lover -Spring garden

Reasons to book a holiday cottage in Autumn:

Plenty places open to visit until October.

bedandbreakfastworldblog September 10, 2010 at 8:00 am
Although Edinburgh receives most of its visitors either during August for the month of festivals or in December for the famous Hogmanay festivities, locals will tell you that the best time to visit their city is in September or October, when the autumn days are bright and crisp, and the darkening evenings lend a mysterious atmosphere to the medieval turrets and rugged scenery.
Edinburgh holds a rather precarious position atop a landscape of rocky hills and cliffs, but the views from the top make it well worth the climb. While navigating the twisting alleys and narrow stone steps of the medieval city, any corner you turn may bring you unexpectedly to a vista of green hills, blue seas or rusty rock face.
Despite overflowing with history and culture, Edinburgh is a modern, dynamic capital. Among the beautiful old buildings you can find haute couture, gourmet cuisine and world-class entertainment. The 4 universities contribute a total of over 100,000 students to the city’s population and there is an almost-tangible air of vibrancy and creativity at any time of year.
Whether gazing out from the battlements of Edinburgh Castle, walking in the shadows of the Royal Mile’s towering spires or scurrying through the vaults on an underground ghost tour, the atmosphere of the city is always uniquely Edinburgh.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bo'ness and steam railway

Just 12 miles from your holiday cottage.

Run by volunteers. £9 p.p.. £7 concessions.
A one hour exciting burl along the Forth estuary and back.

If you are able, you can alight at the fire-clay mine for a visit underground.

Also railway exhibition museum.

01506 822298
                                                        Tea room, shop, disabled facilities.

Pubs in Fife and nearby

Pub at Falkland

The Hawes Inn at South Queensferry
Oak beams, open fires, view of bridges, shops, quaint architecture (crow steps).

Feurs Arms near Kirckaldy.
One of the oldest pubs in Scotland.

Victorian wall tiles.
The Feurs is no longer serving food and therefore cannot take children.

Ask for a peek into the gents to see this ancient toilet cistern.

Ship Inn Limekilns

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Laundry and env. friendly methods

How to convert, this holiday cottage pile of
linen and towels

Change over day

Through this

To this

Average cottage change over produces 20 items of bedding and 20 items of towelling.

We try and us the  power of the wind,
by drying all our holiday cottage linens outside
(under a canopy in case it rains).
So even in winter and the most atrocious weather,
it all dries naturally and has that extra nice smell.

Other env. friendly methods used:-

Dead/coppiced wood from our woodland for the logburners

Re-using tins/containers for paint and pigments for all the essential cottage maintenance.

The usual cleaning products, light bulbs, maximum roof insulation,, secondary double glazing.