Sunday, January 13, 2013

Food - Farm shops and farmers markets

Farm shops locally:-

Free range organic chickens

Free range eggs

Traditional pork pies

Craigies South Queensferry

Walled garden cafe and shop near Inzevar Dunfermline.

Pillars of Hercules near Cupar
Where to shop for food in Fife

fife farmers market

Bankhead farm

Puddledub pork

Maybe you don't want to eat out every  day of your holiday
but want to buy local ingredients to cook,
so we've added these herbs and spices
to the usual seasoning, oil and vinegar, etc.
everything from Chinese five spice powder, through chillies to basil.
12 jar revolving spice rack
 Forgage in the cottage garden and woodland, herbs, wild garlic, fruit.

Some basics in the camp shop
in the lane, in season. (Honesty pot).

Check our other "Food" posts for more information on this well equipped kitchen.

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