Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday cottage near Edinburgh - Woodland and meadow Wild flowers. Bluebell wood. Snowdrops

Native bluebells

Lesser celandine 

Snowdrops February

 in holiday cottage woodland lane 

Guardian 12.5.12 " whatever our age. Socio-biologists have revealed that there are powerful psychological benefits to spending time in natural environments and that the people in their tests underestimated just how invigorated, peaceful and good they would feel after something as simple as a walk in a woodland…"

Sarah Raven BBC2 8.2.2012 "

Some of our meadow flowers:-
  • yellow vetch
  • self heal
  • 3 types orchid
  • orange hawkbit
  • clover
  • scarlet pimpernell

Some of ourWoodland plants:-
  • lesser celandine
  • bluebell
  • snowdrop
  • ferns
  • dog's mercury
  • lesser stitchwort
  • meadowsweet
Mushrooms:- Puffball, shaggy ink cap, dryad's saddle
Don't be tempted to eat plants and mushrooms you don't know.


Many grasses, rushes.
Wild Fruits:-
raspberries,  strawberries, brambles, elderberries, gooseberries, white currant.
Wild rose, honeysuckle.
These rocks at the base of the silver birch trees were from
the old Donibristle aerodrome runway near Hillend, Fife.
The moss and trees have grown over them in the last few decades
and they form the link from the back Orchid meadow to the upper campers' meadow pitches.

The deer regularly use this route.

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