Monday, June 2, 2014

Holiday cottage Garden (Upgrade cottage) near Edinburgh - Plants, herbs, Wild garlic, Tree Peony

This cottage is next door to the advertised one and is usually £50 a week more

5.5.2014 Front garden Tree peony

Back garden entrance area

Variegated grass and "honesty"

Loosestrife at No.2 cottage 2013

Ransoms - wild garlic
Abundant in April.
Chop and use in omlettes, mashed potato, soups, casseroles ......

Also in the holiday cottage garden is
 mint, lovage, wild raspberries, plums, greengages, etc.

The little black shiny pearls (seeds)

They're extremely hard to germinate, involving storage in freezer
and exposure to heat at the right time.

Then only a few, every few years germinate.

Apparently at one time, only the Emperor of China could grow them.

After 2 or 3 years of these perennial plants, dying back, (so put a marker in the soil)
they start to have a permanent woody stem, growing to about 4'.
Then each year the spectacular leaves bud and unfold.
Around May the single petal yellow leaves give a quick display.
The leaves linger, then die back to the woody stem.
It all happens again each year.
A 4/5 year old plant starts to produce those shiny black seeds
and they increase in number each year.

Solomon's seal - like the shade.

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